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We at Lloyd Property Management would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to your new home and congratulate you on your selection.  We hope that you will share in our pride and help us make this a great place to live.To better understand the apartment community that you have chosen, we have provided you with this Resident Handbook.  Please read it thoroughly.  It will help you understand our policies and give you information about your new home.


We cannot hope to cover everything in this booklet about which questions may arise. We reserve the right, therefore, to add or change the instructions and suggestions contained herein without further notice. Please feel free to contact the manager or our office with any matter about which you may be concerned. Thank you for your cooperation.


If there is any way we can make your new home more pleasant, we hope you will let us know!


Again, WELCOME!!








“Professionally we serve; personally we care.”





















The Management will not provide your address or telephone number to anyone unless you have given us written permission or for scheduling purposes such as maintenance work orders with outside vendors.




The office will be open as posted.  Please feel free to stop in at any time.  However, if you have things you need to discuss with the Manager, please call for an appointment so time can be set-aside for you.




Please schedule your move-in or move-out date and time as far in advance as possible. At the time of our move-in, you will receive your keys and at the same time you will need to go through a move-in inspection of your apartment with your manager. The inspection is due back to the manager 3 days after move-in.  Be considerate of your neighbor; have your move completed by 8:00 pm.


Please take care to avoid damages to lawns and the exterior and interior of the building.  You will be responsible for any damages made on these areas.  Vehicles are not allowed anywhere other than the parking lot.  Do not park on the lawn at anytime, violators will be towed and/or charged $100.00.  All crates and packing boxes must be disposed of in a proper manner by folding, flattening and placing in the dumpster.




When moving out, you agree to leave the apartment in the same condition as when received, reasonable wear expected.  You have the right to report defects or damages to the Manager within 36 hours of move-in.  Use reasonable diligence in care of the apartment.  Do not make alterations of owner's property, fixtures or ground without specific permission in writing.  This includes, but is not limited to putting holes in ceilings, walls, woodwork or floors; adding additional phone or cable TV outlets or antenna installations.  Waterbeds will be permitted provided you furnish proof of insurance.  You must not move owner's fixtures, furniture and /or furnishings from the premises for any purpose.  Light bulbs of appropriate wattage have been furnished; all light bulbs will be replaced by you.  Lock changes or additional locks are not permitted, as the owner or Manager may need to enter in an emergency when there is no resident present, such as fire or water coming through the ceiling.




Your rent is due on or before the first day of each month.  Please have your check or money order made out to the name of your apartment community and be sure your name and address and apartment number are on it.  Cash is not accepted.  Roommates should pay by one check.   We are offering you the following options in making your rental payments:


  1. Please drop off check or money order at your Manager's office or in the rent drop box, or

for your convenience you may also:

  1. Have your rent payment deducted directly from your checking account or debited from your credit card.  If interested, please call your manager. This will save you time and the possibility of forgetting to pay on the 1st, especially if you are out of town.


Please allow for mail time when sending your payments.  Late charges will be assessed for payments not received on time




Rent that is received after the first of the month is considered delinquent.  A late payment fee of $100.00 is due after the 4th day of each month. If payment is not received, or office contacted before the 4th legal action will be initiated.  Any unforeseen difficulties must be discussed with the Manager BEFORE the third day your rent is due.  Any requests for time extension must be fully justified and approved by accounts receivable in corporate office, and will still incur the late fee.




RETURNED rental checks are considered delinquent rent.  A $35.00 returned check charge plus late fees will be assessed to the resident's account.  Any resident issuing a check that is returned will be required to replace it with a money order.  It is not our policy to submit checks a second time, however, some banks do this automatically.  If you are notified that your check was returned, bring a money order to the office immediately.  Any resident issuing two returned checks will be required to pay by money order thereafter.  Returned checks will be treated as non-payment of rent and the resident may be subject to termination of the lease and will be held responsible for the remainder of the lease.   It is in the resident’s best interest to bring in a money order for the entire amount due as soon as the bank notification that your check did not clear is received.  The day payment is received in full, late charges will stop accruing. 




Your apartment home is rented to the persons listed on the lease only. 

  • Management reserves the right to enquire into any guest they feel are in violation of this policy. Actions may require proof of residence showing a permanent address different than the unit in question.
  • Mangement reserves the right to request a guest who exceeds visitor status, (ie, babysitter, caretaker, etc.) be screened and possibly added to the lease.
  • Any visitor that stays at the property for more than 5 days in a one month period will be required to be list on the lease.




Conducting business for profit on or within the property requires the written consent of the Management.  Permission will not be given if the activity is illegal or represents an infringement on the rights of other residents especially if it contributes to the traffic and noise level of the building or grounds.




1.         NOTICE:  AT LEAST TWO MONTHS (60 DAYS) WRITTEN NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO MANAGEMENT ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH, SIXTY (60) DAYS PRIOR TO VACATING THE APARTMENT.  Termination notice must be sixty (60) days prior to the move-out, provided, however, that if such notice is not given on the first day of the month, then the vacate date is 60 days following the notice date. This means that such notice (often called a 60-day notice) given June 2, for example, would terminate the lease as of August 2.


2.         FULL TERM:  The full term of the rental contract (or any renewal or extension periods) must have ended.  You will be responsible for rent payments each month until it is re-rented.  Non-refundable administrative charges will be enforced as stated in your rental agreement.


3.         RENT PAID:   At time of move-out, all rents must be paid in full through the end of the lease term or through the end of the month of any renewal or extension period.  Resident may not apply damage/cleaning deposit(s) to rent.  Resident agrees that the full monthly rent will be paid on or before the due date of each month, including the last month of occupancy.  Deductions for any unpaid balance including, but not limited to, late payments and returned check fees will be made.


4.         FORWARDING ADDRESS:  Your new address is important for forwarding mail, for returning deposits, and tax credit information.  In order for the damage deposit to be returned, we must have your forwarding address.


If prior to moving out you do not clean the items listed on the following page and do not leave them in satisfactory working order, the following charges will be deducted from your damage/cleaning deposit or billed to you if your damage/cleaning deposit is insufficient to cover the charges.  You will be charged the listed amount for each instance in which a listed item must be cleaned or repaired.  The prices given for the items listed are average prices only.  If Owner incurs a higher cost for cleaning or repairing an item, you will be responsible for paying the higher cost.




Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list; you can be charged for cleaning or repairing items that are not on this list.  Charges for partially cleaned items will be the same as for not cleaning.


Kitchen Cleaning                     Living Rm/Dining Rm/Bedrooms    Bathroom Cleaning

Cabinets                  $40.00       Air Conditioner                   $20.00    Cabinets                     $10.00

Counters                   $15.00       Carpet (vacuumed)             $30.00    Floor                           $20.00

Defrost Refrigerator  $30.00       Closets/Doors/Baseboards$15.00    Medicine Cab/Mirrors   $10.00

Dishwasher               $10.00       Fireplace                            $40.00    Shower Doors              $50.00

Floor                        $15.00       Windows (each)                  $10.00    Toilet                           $50.00

Oven                        $50.00       Window Screens (each)     $10.00    Tub/Shower                  $50.00

Refrigerator/Freezer  $50.00      Heating Vents                    $30.00    Sink(s) (each)               $10.00

Sink(s) (each)            $10.00       Ceiling Fan                        $50.00    Fan                              $40.00 

Stove & Vent Hood   $50.00

Microwave                $25.00                                                            


Misc. Cleaning

All Light Fixtures $3.00/each      

Garage             $30.00/hour     

Laundry Room  $30.00/hour

Storage Unit      $30.00/hour     

Other                $15.00/hour     


Other Misc.      Removal of items:  $25.00 minimum       Hold over: one month storage rent


If you have lived in your apt. more than one year, you will not be charged for minor touch up painting. If you have lived in your apt. less than 2 years you will be charged ½ of the costs if a full painting job is necessary.  Should an apartment need more than one coat of paint to cover due to condition (e.g. nicotine, candles, crayons, grease, etc.) the second coat is charged at full price.  Charges will be BASED ON THE FOLLOWING MINUMUM RATES.


Summary of deductions (Minimum charges):


Turnover Costs            Studio              1 Bedroom       2 Bedroom       3 Bedroom       Multi-Level

Complete Paint Job   $150.00                 $175.00             $225.00             $250.00             $150.00

Second Coat              $175.00                $225.00             $275.00             $325.00             $150.00

Partial Paint               $45.00/room         $45.00/room      $45.00/room      $45.00/room      $150.00

Touch-up Paint           $100.00                $100.00             $100.00             $100.00             $150.00

Carpet Shampoo        $65.00                  $75.00              $85.00              $100.00             $150.00

Carpet Deodorizing     Cost                    Cost                 Cost                 Cost                 Cost





If any items are missing or damaged to the point that they must be replaced while you are renting or when you move out, you will be charged for the current cost of the item, plus labor and service charges.


A representative list of replacement charges is provided below.  These are average prices.  If Owner incurs a higher cost for replacing an item, you will be responsible for paying the higher cost.


Item                             Cost                 Item                      Cost            Item                             Cost

Broiler Pan                    $55.00              Ice Trays               $3.00            Range Knobs (each)      $8.00

Cabinet Door                Cost                 Interior Door         $125.00         Re-Key                          $45.00

Carpet/Pad                   Cost                 Interior Door  Knob$15.00          Shower Door                 $125.00

Crisper Cover                $45.00              Light Bulb             $2.00            Shower Rod                   $15.00

Crisper Tray                  $48.00              Light Globe(12")    $18.00          Sink Stopper                  $2.00

Dishwasher Rack          $55.00              Light Globe(8")     $9.00            Smoke Detector             $20.00

Door Stops                   $2.00                Mail Box Locks     $15.00           Stove Burner Ring          $3.00

Draperies                      Cost                 Mirrors                  Cost             Switch Plates                 $1.00

Drip Pans (each)            $4.00                New Keys             $2.00            Toilet Paper Roller         $3.50

Entry Door                    $425.00             Outlet Plates         $1.50            Toilet Seat                     $12.00

Entry Lock                    $35.00              Oven Rack           $22.00           Towel Bar                      $12.00

Fire Extinguisher           $40.00              Patio Verticals       $65.00           Tub Stopper                  $5.00

Fluorescent Bulb           $5.00                Patio Screen  Door $175.00       Wall Bumpers                $2.00

Garbage Disposal         $55.00              Peep Holes           $10.00           Window Screen              $50.00

Pest Control (extra ordinary)$50.00         Garage Door Opener  $45.00     Range Hood Filter          $25.00


The Owner must be reimbursed promptly for any loss, property damage or cost of repairs or service (including plumbing trouble) caused by negligence or improper use by you, your agents, family or guests.  You will be responsible for damage caused by windows or doors left open.  Reimbursement is due when the Manager makes demand.  Owner's failure to delay in demanding reimbursements, late payments charges, pet penalties or other sums by you shall not be considered a waiver, and Owner my demand same at any time, including move-out.  All keys must be turned in by Noon.




All repair and service requests should be directed to the Manager by phone or in writing.  In case of malfunctions of equipment or utilities, or damage by fire, water or other causes, you should notify the Manager immediately and Owner will act in a timely manner in making repairs.  Rent will not be withheld during such periods.


Our maintenance team is always striving to keep your apartment community, your home, in excellent condition to make your life style comfortable.  We also provide preventive maintenance to head off potential problems that could inconvenience our residents.


Please remember, however, that although normal wear and tear is expected, damages incurred in your apartment due to negligence or misuse by you, your family, or your guests, will be charged to you.  Included in the charges to you will be the cost for maintenance calls to make repairs of that nature.




A preventive maintenance inspection is conducted in each apartment semi-annually.  Residents will receive written notice of these inspections. You may choose to be present, but it is not necessary.  At this time, repair needs are also noted with follow-up work as required.  Residents are encouraged to report service needs as soon as detected in order to keep the unit in good condition.  Please remember that although normal wear and tear is expected, damages incurred in your apartment due to negligence or misuse by you, your family, or your guests, will be charged to you.  Included in the charges will be the cost of maintenance calls to make repairs of that nature.  Such charges are due and payable within 30 days, in accordance with the lease agreement.




When a problem arises in your apartment, please follow the steps below: 


1.         First check for "obvious" solutions - Is the appliance plugged in?  Is there a filter that needs

            cleaning?  Is the pilot light on?  Have you blown a fuse?  Etc.


2.         After an initial check of the problem, contact the office, either by phone, in writing, or in person, and let      the Manager know what repairs are needed.


3.         The Manager will write a "service request" and then determine if the repair can be made by our staff or if an outside service company will have to be called in.


4.         Because priorities are established with all service requests, please do not direct your requests to the             maintenance personnel.  If a problem affects the health or safety of a resident, it gets top priority.  A             problem involving minor repairs of a non-hazardous nature may not be taken care of within 24 hours (ex. bent towel bar).








Each community has a different set of appliances.  For this reason, the following are "general" hints you might find helpful for the care and cleaning of your appliances.


Refrigerator - You will find a "medium" setting works the best on all refrigerators.  Setting it too high can cause eggs and liquids to freeze.  If you do not have a "frost free" freezer, you should manually defrost the freezer before frost is 1/4" thick.  Remove the contents of the freezer.  Turn the temperature control to "defrost" and the build-up will begin to thaw.  Do NOT use sharp utensils to chip away the frost or heating device to melt frost.


To clean your refrigerator, use warm soapy water.  Rinse well and dry.  If you have a "frost free" refrigerator, the grill on the front at floor level also needs to be cleaned periodically.  Vacuum or brush the grill, as well as the area behind the grill and the evaporator pan. *HELPFUL TIP: To keep your fridge free of “strange smells” place an open bowl of fresh coffee grounds on a fridge shelf to “eat” the odors!


Gas Range - Check the burner holes in the cooking tops occasionally.  If they are clogged, ask your Manager how to clean them.  This could prevent a maintenance call for you later.


When cleaning a gas range, simply use detergent and hot water.


Electric Range - This type of range has a "heat-sensing oven capillary tube" for temperature control in the oven.  It is not removable.  This small copper wire is very fragile.  Wipe it gently after using an oven cleaner so that the cleaner does not build up and prevent the tube from operating properly.


When cleaning this type of range, be sure all controls are turned "off" or shut off the breaker before you start cleaning.  Clean with a damp, sudsy cloth and then rinse and dry well.  Do not use oven cleaner on self-cleaning ovens.  Never use any gritty soaps or abrasive cleaners on any range or refrigerator surface.  If you have a self-cleaning oven, remember to remove the shelf racks before starting the cleaning cycle.


Dishwasher -   Before running your dishwasher, be sure the disposal is empty otherwise this could clog the drain and water may back up.  Never run the disposal once the dishwasher has been started.  This could result in the garbage backing up into the dishwasher.


Use only automatic granular dishwasher detergent.  The amount you use depends on your dishwasher.  If you notice a soapy film left on your glasses, reduce the amount of detergent you use.  Another suggestion to eliminate soapy residue from your dishes is to use "Jet Dry."  This can be purchased at any grocery store, along with the dishwasher detergent.  Dishwasher detergent will not clean properly if it is old or has been allowed to get wet.


Dishwashers are generally self-cleaning.  However, if you have exceptionally hard water you may want to wipe out the inside of the dishwasher occasionally with a damp cloth and mild detergent or use a product called Glisten.  Simply put it in the dishwasher and run it through one cycle.


Disposals -  Never pour grease down the drain or empty your aquarium into the sink.  The rocks will damage the disposal.  Be sure to run ample amounts of cold water when using your disposal.  Put the cover over the drain, but tip it slightly to allow water to run through.  After food has gone through the disposal, continue to run the cold water for a few seconds to flush the disposal clean.


Do not use the disposal for fibrous foods such as cornhusks, celery, bones, citrus fruit peels, seeds or pits, and rice.  Be sure small items such as bottle caps do not get into the disposal.  If your disposal quits operating, there is generally a re-set button on the disposal under the sink.


To freshen your disposal, you can use baking soda or lemon juice.  Keeping the blades nice and sharp can be accomplished by placing ice cubes in the disposal and running with a little water.


Never put any drain cleaner into your disposal.


Cabinets - Wooden cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom can be cleaned with vinegar water and can be kept shined with any good wood furniture polish.  Treat them as you would your own wood furniture.


Countertops - Countertops are cleaned easily with any mild non-abrasive cleaner.  They damage easily with a knife.  Please use a cutting board, not your countertop.


Laminate Wood Flooring -


Bath Fixtures/Ceramic Tile

Very little maintenance is required to keep your bathroom fixtures shining.  However, an abrasive cleaner should not be used on these surfaces - it will mar the finish.  Use soft scrub to remove water spots.


Decorating Your New Home

We realize you will want to decorate your new home with your personal items.  When hanging your pictures, please use small nails designed for this purpose.  Do not use screws, stick-on hooks, tape or toggle bolts.  When moving out of your apartment, please do not remove nails or fill nail holes.  If you have any questions, your Manager can help.


If you wish to repaint or wallpaper your apartment, written approval must be received before you start redecorating.  Mirror tiles must not be applied to any walls or apartment surface as they are not easily removed.



Do not stack or store any items in the utility closet. If your utilities are located in the same room as the washer/dryer, be cautious not to block the utilities. If items are stacked or stored in front of cold air returns or the cold air return is blocked in any way, it can cause significant amounts of damage to the home. Residents are responsible for any damages incurred.



Windows will frost over in very cold weather if they are not completely closed or locked.  If the inside window is just barely cracked open to allow air to go through, the warm, moist air from the apartment goes through to the cold space between the storm panel and window sash, which then causes frost to form on the inside of the exterior window.  Making sure both windows are locked tightly in the wintertime can prevent this.  If a window does not properly latch, please notify the Manager and it will be checked.


If window covers are not provided - you are required to use either shades, blinds, curtains or drapes, and must be white or lined in white so the appearance is consistent from the street.  Blankets, sheets or towels are not permitted.




Carpet is a permanent fixture of your apartment and cannot be changed readily.  Vacuum your carpet several times a week to keep it in the best of shape.  If you get a spot on your carpet, use a solution of mild soap and water for removal of the spot.  If a stronger treatment is needed, contact your Manager for recommendations of good professional carpet cleaning companies.


Your carpet will be professionally cleaned after you move out.  Since the Manager needs to schedule the next move-in, please do not clean it yourself.  The cost of carpet cleaning will be deducted from your damage/cleaning deposit and will reflect the amount charged to us by the contractor.


Kool-Aid and colored sodas should not be allowed near carpet, as the stains cannot be removed. Bleach products should be kept in a tight container and never used to remove or hide spots on carpet.


If stains or damages cannot be removed, you will be charged for repair or replacement costs.



It is our goal to maintain the highest quality living environment for our residents. To help achieve this goal, it is important to work together to minimize the potential for conditions that could lead to the growth of naturally occurring mold.


Residents can help minimize mold growth in their apartment homes by taking the following actions:


  • Open windows. Proper ventilation is essential. If it is not possible to open windows, run the fan on the apartment air-handling unit to circulate fresh air throughout your apartment.


  • In damp or rainy weather conditions, keep windows and doors closed.


  • If possible, maintain a temperature of between 50 and 80 Fahrenheit within your apartment at all times.


  • Clean and dust your apartment on a regular basis as required by your lease. Regular vacuuming, mopping, and use of environmentally safe household cleaners are important to remove household dirt and debris that contribute to mold growth.


  • Periodically clean and dry the walls and floors around the sink, bathtub, shower, toilets, windows and patio doors using a common household disinfecting cleaner.


  • On a regular basis, wipe down and dry areas where moisture sometimes accumulates, like countertops, windows and windowsills.


  • Use the pre-installed bathroom fan or alternative ventilation when bathing or showering and allow the fan to run until all excess moisture has vented from the bathroom.


  • Use the exhaust fans in your kitchen when cooking or while the dishwasher is running and allow the fan to run until all excess moisture has vented from the kitchen.


  • Use care when watering houseplants. If spills occur, dry up excess water immediately.


  • Ensure that your clothes dryer vent is operating properly, and clean the lint screen after every use. Not cleaning your lint screen after every load could result in a fire!


  • When washing clothes in warm or hot water, watch to make sure condensation does not build up within the washer and dryer closet; if condensation does accumulate, dry with a fan or towel.


  • Use proper water levels when washing clothes to prevent water spills during agitation.


  • Thoroughly dry any spills or pet urine on carpeting.


  • Do not overfill closets or storage areas. Ventilation is important in these spaces.


  • Do not allow damp or moist stacks of clothes or other cloth materials to lie in piles for an extended period of time.


  • Immediately report to the management office any evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in your apartment, storage room, garage, or any common area.


  • Immediately report to the management office any evidence of mold growth that cannot be removed by simply applying a common household cleaner and wiping the area. Also report ay area of mold that reappears despite regular cleaning.


  • Immediately report to the management office any failure or malfunction with your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning system, or laundry system. As your lease states, do not block or cover any of the heating, ventilation or air-conditioning ducts in your apartment.


  • Immediately report to the management office any inoperable windows or doors.


  • Immediately report to the management office any musty odors that you notice in your apartment.




1.         Clothing MUST BE REMOVED from the machines promptly.

2.         Clean out lint traps after dryer use.  Dispose in garbage, not on floor.

3.         Do not use tints or dyes in the machines.

4.         Leave the washers and dryers clean.

5.         Sweep/mop the floor if soap is spilled

6.         Do not put box/wastebaskets in laundry room – they are fire hazards.

7.         When done washing, leave the lid up so washer may air out.

8.         Hours for use of the laundry area are posted and must be observed for the convenience of all.

9.         Absolutely no loitering or playing is allowed in the laundry rooms at any time.

10.        If you notice a problem with laundry machines, please contact your Manager promptly.

11.        Do not leave clothes or supplies unattended.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen clothing or supplies.




Please do not install your own washer and/or dryer in your new home unless laundry hook-ups have been provided by the property.




To be in compliance with building and fire safety codes, all doors entering your apartment are to be kept closed.  Area rugs/Welcome mats must be kept inside your apartment door, not in the hallways.  In the event that your apartment community has recessed doors, you may place a welcome mat there as long as it does not extend out into the hallway.  No boots, shoes, trash or other items can be placed in the hallways or on the deck/patio for any period of time. 




If you should lock yourself out of your apartment during a time in which there is someone at the rental office of your property, they may allow you access if they can positively identify you as a resident of the apartment.  If access to your apartment is allowed by a member of our staff more than one time during a calendar year, a $35.00 fee will be charged for the second and each additional time.  After office hours, you will need to contact a locksmith to gain access to your apartment. 


In the event a member of your household is locked out that is under the age of 18, access will only be allowed if the parent or guardian has signed an “Authorization and Permission to Allow Entry Form” and the household member can be positively identified. 




The management reserves the right to enter your dwelling to check or repair the equipment or in case of an emergency to protect your property.  When possible, prior notice will be given.  In the event all members of your family are to be away for four days or more, you are requested to notify your property manager, leaving an address or phone number where you can be reached in case of an emergency.  If you have not notified us and are gone fifteen days, we will consider your apartment abandoned and will have the right to enter and take possession.


The Manager and/or maintenance person may enter at reasonable times for the following purposes:  requested repairs, extermination, preventive maintenance, emergency safety or fire inspections, showing apartment to building inspectors, fire marshals, mortgage lenders, prospective purchasers or insurance agents, or to prospective residents after lease termination notice has been given.




Residents must make their own arrangements for deliveries.  You must notify the office, in advance, in writing if you want us to provide access to your apartment.  Under no circumstances will entry to an apartment by delivery personnel be allowed without prior notice.




We need your cooperation to keep the premises as clean as possible.  It is imperative that all trash be bagged, tied securely, placed in the metal container provided and lid closed.  Trash must not be left outside the building or in the hallways at any time.  Also, be sure that you do not send persons unwilling or incapable of following the rules out to dispose of trash.


Going through the trash is not permissible.  Recycling is mandatory.


Resident shall keep all tin cans, bottles, paper, waste and trash in covered containers and shall remove or have removed all items described above from the premises weekly at resident's expense.  There will be no storing of trash or recyclable items on patios or balconies, entries or in interior hallways.




In line with a continuing program of beautification and landscaping of the property and to keep your apartment community in an attractive and safe condition, please do not leave toys, parked bicycles, grills, lawn chairs, etc. outside when not in use.  Items left out are not only unsightly but can be a real source of danger for firemen, residents coming home after dark and can be damaged or stolen by others.


We want to keep your community neat and clean looking for everyone.  We appreciate the residents help in keeping the grounds in a manner that all will be proud to show their friends and relatives. 


A minimum charge of $40.00 will be assessed to anyone driving or parking on the lawn.


The playground area (where applicable) should be kept free of paper, toys, food, shoes, etc.  We also ask that equipment in this area not be abused, as it is expensive to repair and/or replace.




Noises seem louder after eight o'clock at night.  Please respect and be considerate of your neighbor's right to the quiet harmony of the premises especially after our quiet hour of 10:00 PM.  Noise travels through the walls.  Yelling, screaming and running can be heard quite easily.  If there is a problem with noise, please contact management so that they can politely contact you neighbors to let them know that there may be more noise than they are aware of.  If your neighbors are uncooperative and it is late at night, please call the Police non-emergency number: 367-7000.  Notify management in the morning.   Complaints are noted and can be cause for eviction. We are unable to control the sound of water traveling through pipes. This too, can seem louder at night. Please be considerate of your neighbors and think twice about showering, running the dishwasher or doing laundry after 10PM.


Each resident should remember that it’s illegal to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise interfere with a person’s enjoyment of their dwelling because of their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Acts of discrimination or harassment can range from racial or ethnic slurs even committing acts of violence. Our community doesn’t tolerate discriminatory behavior by anyone, including residents against residents.


If this occurs we will act as follows:

  • Manager will investigate the complaint.
  • Manager will document the investigation.
  • Manager will communicate the results of the investigation to the parties involved.
  • Eviction procedures may occur along with criminal charges.


If this happens to you please inform management as soon as possible.


Recreational activities are restricted from the parking area, hallways or anywhere in or around the building where they may endanger themselves or unnecessarily disturb other residents.  Persons unwilling or incapable of following the rules should be adequately supervised and be provided with means of access to their apartment at all times.


Curfew is 10:00 pm.  Loitering outside the apartment after this time is not allowed.




Caregivers may care for no more than two (2) persons, and must live in a ground level apartment to reduce the disturbance to other residents.  Caregivers must have a baby-sitter's liability clause in their renter’s insurance coverage and provide Lloyd Property Management with a copy.  Caregivers must supervise these persons at all times whether in the apartment, hallway, and yard or play area.




Physical additions on the exterior or interior of the building will not be permitted without written consent of Management.  Please do not make any attachments or put holes into any of the woodwork throughout your apartment.




Residents may install satellite dishes in their apartments after receiving written permission from management. The dish must be installed within the apartment or on a patio or balcony that is part of the apartment. No permit damage or alterations may be made to the building.You may not install a satellite dish in a common area or on the roof. You may not install a satellite dish outside your apartment unless you have a patio or balcony, and you may not install a dish on an exterior wall. You may install a dish entirely inside your apartment.




Your balcony or patio is a special part of your apartment and is not to be used for storage, as a clothesline for drying towels or as a trash room. Only furniture designed for patios may be placed there.   The Management reserves the right to request a resident to remove certain items.  Due to fire hazards, CHARCOAL GRILLS & FIRE PITS are prohibited from all communities.  Gas grills may be allowed on the balconies or patios. Check with your manager to ensure you are in compliance before placing any type of grill on your balcony or patio.  Snow must be removed in the winter, if not removed we will for a charge of $20.00.




A few of our properties do allow pets, but even at these properties:  PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED without prior written approval and deposit paid.


This includes all animals.  Please do not allow your guests to bring their pets on the premises.  If a pet visits the premises or is kept by a resident and/or his guest, a penalty of $30.00 per day will be charged, payable immediately; and in addition, such will be cause for termination by Owner of resident's right of occupancy and/or suit for damages.  Also, if a pet has been kept on the premises at any time during the term of occupancy by anyone, a deduction will be made for carpets to be professionally shampooed and defleaed in order to protect future residents from possible health hazards.  This policy will be strictly enforced and failure to comply is cause for eviction.




There is always a possibility that pests may accidentally be brought into an apartment.  We have a pest control service that can remedy this problem.  You may be asked to clean out cupboards, cabinets and closet floors to allow for a thorough spraying.  By removing trash and recyclables daily, you can control any potential pest problems.  It is your responsibility to contact the Manager immediately if you should spot any pests that may need attention.  Failure to do so is cause for eviction.




Two parking spaces per apartment for private licensed passenger vehicles of residents are provided.  Because of limited parking, overnight guests are not allowed to park in the parking lot unless designated visitor parking spaces are available.  Boats, trailers and campers are not allowed in the parking lot.


Vehicles must be in operating condition; all tires inflated, drivable, have current license tabs and be the property of a resident.  Parking permits, where applicable, must be displayed prominently in your vehicle on the rear view mirror next to the windshield. 


Please park headed into the curb with the bumper of your vehicle 6 inches from the edge of the sidewalk or curb.  This allows for proper snow removal from the sidewalk area, proper lawn mowing, and daily use of the sidewalk by others.  Motorcycles must have a board placed under the kickstand to avoid damage to the parking lots.


Please observe any "No Parking", "Visitor Parking", "Handicapped Parking", and "Fire Lanes" areas.  


We do not allow any vehicles to be overhauled, motors changed, or any repairs made while on the parking lot or in the garage.  Oil is not to be changed or drained.  Repairing and washing of cars in the parking lot and garage can be unsightly and dangerous.  Please make arrangements to do this elsewhere.  Consult your Manager for parking of any other vehicles other than passenger cars.




Vehicles will be subject to towing at the expense of the resident or visitor for the following reasons:


1.         Vehicles not in operable condition.

2.         Dripping oil, gas, anti-freeze or other substances that may damage the parking areas.

3.         Vehicles with flat tires.

4.         Vehicles not removed during snow conditions that require plowing of the lots.

5.         Vehicles without current license plates.

6.         Vehicles that have been "abandoned" by someone not living on the property or have been left

            unattended for more than 48 hours, or have not been moved at least once every five days.

7.         Vehicles that are parked in someone else's assigned space, or in a handicapped space or visitor space             without authorization.

8.         Vehicles parked in a non-designated parking area or blocking handicap areas.

9.         Vehicles without current parking permits.

10.        Vehicles not removed for cleaning, painting and repairs of the lot after notice has been given.


We will give a warning, when possible, of problems that might arise.  During the winter, if there is a heavy snow (2 inches or more), the Manager will post a 24-hour notice asking that cars be removed from the lot for proper snow removal.  Any vehicles, including those of your guests, which have not been moved after 24 hours will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.


The 24 Hour Notice does not apply to vehicles parked in a marked tow away zone, fire lanes, handicapped space or parked to impede traffic.  Vehicles so parked will be towed away IMMEDIATELY without warning at the vehicle owner's expense.




If you wish to rent a garage, contact the Manager.  The Manager will assign you a garage and you will then be charged a rental fee in addition to your apartment rent.  Garage leases are extended to the duration of your residency at the property.


Garage doors are to remain closed at all times.  Residents leasing garages are responsible for any items stored within that facility and must keep the garage unit clean and free of all hazards.  Keep your garage doors locked - even if you do not store anything in that garage.  Although a locked garage is not a guarantee, perhaps it will discourage a thief or vandal from trying to gain access.


Due to shortage of parking spaces in the evening, if you rent a garage you must keep your vehicle parked in it. Your garage is considered as one of your 2 parking spaces.


30 days notice to vacate a garage is required.




Please be considerate of the health of your non-smoking neighbors.  Smoking is permitted only in individual apartments.  All common areas (i.e. laundry rooms, halls, etc.) are designated "No Smoking Areas".  Please do not extinguish cigarettes or cigars anywhere in the common areas, including parking lots, sidewalks, lawns, bushes, etc.




Resident, members of Resident’s household, and guests are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the premises rented by Resident, or the building where the Resident’s apartment is located, or in any of the common areas or adjoining grounds of such building or other parts of the rental premises and grounds, at least 25 feet away from building . Resident agrees to inform guests and visitors to Resident’s premises of these policies and to use reasonable efforts to secure resident’s guests’ and visitors’ compliance with this policy. The only exception to this addendum will be to allow the use of E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that people the people use to inhale aerosol. These are battery operated and do not smell. Therefore, the risks are reduced.




We require that our residents purchase a renter's insurance policy from their preferred insurance agent.  Most policies are quite inexpensive and provide valuable protection to the resident.  For instance, should a fire be caused in a unit by the resident, the resident is responsible for paying the $1,000 deductible the property insurance excludes.  The resident may be held responsible for the entire restoration costs by the property insurance company, should negligence be proven.  Also, renter's insurance will cover loss of personal items due to fire, or wind damage, which the property insurance will not cover.  Required renters insurance does not presently apply to all households in the apartment community. As terms end, renters insurance will be required.




When the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately, notify the fire department (911), and then contact the Manager if you have a cell phone.




1.         Do not store oily rags in closets or any place in the building in an open container.  Keep material of this type in a closed metal container in your own apartment.

2.         Place the telephone number of the Fire Department near or on your telephone.

3.         Do not use faulty electrical appliances and do not overload the circuits by plugging several appliances into one outlet.

4.         Extinguish all candles and incense burners when leaving the room or when retiring at night.

5.         Report any obvious fire hazards to the Management immediately.

6.         Keep matches out of the reach of persons unwilling or incapable of understanding fire           safety.

7.         Keep clothing and other flammable articles away from stoves and heaters.

8.         Never leave hot grease on the burner.  Watch it carefully while cooking and do not leave it for a moment without turning off the burner and removing the pan.






Due to the increased fire risk and the unavoidable trail of needles left in the halls when greens are brought in and later removed, only artificial trees, garlands and wreaths will be permitted on the premises.  If live trees or garland are found, there will be $100 fine charged.




The sauna, whirlpool and exercise equipment are provided for your enjoyment.  USE OF THESE FACILITIES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  The Owners and Lloyd Property Management will not assume responsibility for any accidents, health or otherwise, that may result from use by you and/or your guests.


Please read and obey the rules and posted hours provided for use.


Use of sauna, whirlpool and exercise equipment is restricted to those persons 14 and older. Persons unwilling or incapable of following the rules must be accompanied by a responsible resident.


POOL (where applicable)



No food, snacks or glass in pool area.

Two guests per apartment.

Resident must be with guest.

Normal pool hours are 9 AM to 9 PM unless otherwise posted   

Proper swimwear is required for all ages. 

Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanies by an adult

Persons unwilling or incapable of following the rules must be accompanied by the head of the household.

Persons who do not know how to swim are not allowed in the water.


ELEVATORS (where applicable)


It is important that the elevators are accessible to all residents and their guests.  Never block open the elevators or turn off the fan.




To keep common areas in a clean and sanitary condition, it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself.  Because the lobby is small and is for the purpose of entering and exiting the building, please do not congregate or loiter in this area.  Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in any common areas within the building.


The community room (where applicable) is for your use and enjoyment.  Please contact the Manager for information regarding scheduling of private parties in this area.


SAFETY - CONTROLLED ACCESS (where applicable)


The controlled access system was designed with your safety in mind.  However, as with any system, there is no guarantee that uninvited guests will not be able to gain entrance to the building.


We ask that you report to either the police or our personnel, anyone you suspect of being in the building for any reason other than visiting or making repairs to the building.


Never prop any of the entrance/exit doors open for any reason.  If you do find a door propped open, please close it immediately and contact our on-site personnel.


A reward of $200.00 will be offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of person/persons who have stolen property, damaged property, set off false alarms, etc.  Please help keep an eye on your building.




For your added protection and safety, door-to-door soliciting is not permitted.  Residents must not open the controlled entry door to strangers or anyone.  If persons should be in the building, they will either have a key or a resident of the building will admit them when they ring their apartment.  This policy is for the safety of all residents.  Violation is cause for termination.









1.         Pay rent on or before the first business day of the month.


2.         Pay, in addition to rent, the following:


**Damage to the premises beyond "normal wear and tear" during term of residency, and/or

    time of move-out.

                        **Penalties for late and/or delayed rent payments.


3.         Give two (2) calendar months’ notice in writing on or before the first day of the month, (See page 5) of my intention to move, and give a definite moving date which will be prior to Noon on the last day of the month


4.         Not sublet my apartment home or use it for any purposes other than a home for me and my        family.


5.         Keep and leave the apartment home in a decent, clean and sanitary condition during my residency and     upon my moving out.


6.         Pay all unpaid rents or other charges when I leave.


7.         Keep NO pets unless written permission is granted by management.


8.         Restrict myself, my family and our guests from unnecessary activity and loitering in hallways and all common areas.


9.         Cooperate and get along with my neighbor(s) and in particular, to keep the noise level to a           minimum.


10.        Be responsible for the behavior of my guests.





Energy Conservation Ideas:


1.         Immediately report to the office any building malfunction, which is wasting energy.


2.         Limit use of auxiliary electric heaters.


3.         Do not block heating outlets with furniture or drapes.


4.         In winter, open drapes or blinds on south facing windows to take advantage of solar heat

            during the day.  Close drapes at night.


5.         In summer, close drapes or blinds in the morning to reduce heat from sunlight.


6.         Turn off lights, television and all appliances when not in use.


7.         For comfort in cooler indoor temperatures, use the best insulation of all - warm clothing.


Heating/Air Conditioning Recommendations


1.         During the heating season:

                        Reduce daytime thermostat setting to 65 degrees.

                        Reduce nighttime thermostat setting from 65 to 60 degrees.


2.         During the air conditioning season:

                        Set the air conditioner at a constant 78 degrees.


Hot Water Conservation


1.         Operate clothes washer only with cold or warm water - not hot - whenever possible.


2.         Operate dishwashers and clothes washers with full loads only.


3.         Take showers instead of baths.


  1. Report all leaky faucets, especially hot water faucets and running toilets.




In Case of Fire:


1.         Report the fire to your Fire Department (911).  Don't assume someone else has called.


2.         Know in advance where two exits are located.  Be able to find them even in the dark.


3.         Before leaving your apartment, feel the door before opening.  If it is hot or smoke is seeping through, do not open it.  Try another door if available.


4.         If the door feels cool, open cautiously and proceed with escape plan, closing the door behind you.


5.         Walk quickly but stay calm.  Pull fire alarm to alert others.


6.         If you are in smoke, stay low where the air is better.  Take short breaths until you reach a             stairwell.             Once here, you are in a relatively safe area and can move at a more normal pace.  If possible, wet a         towel and hold over your mouth and nose.





8.         If you become trapped in your apartment, keep the door closed and seal off any cracks.  Open a window   for air and signal for help.  Do not panic or jump.  Go to a balcony, if applicable.


9.         Predetermine a location for family members to meet after evacuating the fire area.


10.        DO NOT go back into the affected area until permitted by the Fire Department.


NOTE:        DO NOT use water on a grease fire.  A grease fire in your kitchen can be put out with             baking soda.


NOTE:        Fire extinguishers are located in the hallway.




Contact the office immediately.  If the office is not open at the time, leave an emergency message with the answering service and call the gas company.


Do not smoke or operate power equipment until the source of the gas smell has been eliminated.




In case of personal injury or other emergency, call 911.


If you have any special health problems or are handicapped in any way, please notify your Manager.  Knowing this information in advance, we will be better able to help you in case of an emergency.




When the alarm system goes off, it means there's trouble.  Call the fire department (911).  Under no circumstances should you shut off the system.  The city code will not allow this.


TORNADO - Safety Rules:


When a tornado approaches - your immediate action may mean life or death.


*In Cities or Towns


Your radio and television stations will broadcast the latest tornado advisory information.  Call the Weather Service only to report a tornado.


REMEMBER:  Tornado Watch means tornadoes are expected to develop.  Tornado Warning means a tornado has actually been sighted.


When A Tornado Threatens:


*Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.  Protect your head.

*In homes and apartment buildings, go to the basement, underground parking garage or to an interior

 part of the lowest level.  Get under something sturdy.

*In mobile home or vehicles, leave them and go to more substantial shelter.

*If outdoors, with no shelter available, lie flat in nearby ditch, and shield head with arms.




Lloyd Companies supports the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's goal to provide a drug-free environment for families and individuals who reside in apartment communities.


Criminal activity, on or near project premises, by a resident, any member of the resident's household, or a guest or other person under the resident's control is clearly in violation of the lease, which provides for the termination of residency for creation of physical hazards and for serious or repeated interference with the right and quiet enjoyment of others.


"Drug-related criminal activity" means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, use of, possession with intent to manufacture, distribute, or use, of a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C. 802).


Therefore, the following rules will apply:


1.         The resident or member of the resident household shall not permit the dwelling unit to be used for, or to             facilitate criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, regardless of whether the individual             engaging in the activity, is a member of the household or a guest.


2.         The resident or member of the resident's household shall not engage in the manufacture,             sale, or             distribution of illegal drugs at any location, whether on or near project premises or otherwise.


3.         The resident or any member of the resident's household or guest or other person under the          resident's control shall not engage in acts of violence or threats of violence, including, but not limited to,       the unlawful discharge of firearms, on or near the project premises.


Violation of the above provisions shall be a material violation of the lease and good cause for termination of residency.  Any suspicious activities should be reported to the police and management. 


Lloyd Companies takes the position that the act occurred when there is an arrest and an immediate eviction will occur.


Let's Work Together - And Help Each Other


If you notice anything "out of the ordinary," please contact your Manager IMMEDIATELY.  Management cannot be in all places at one time and we appreciate any help you can give us by bringing possible problems to our attention.